Caffé-Bar Dioskouroi

DioskouroiA caffé-bar is situated on the northern slope of the Acropolis hill. Every time I visit Athens, my Greek friends and relatives take me here. It is in the Dioskouroi street, and named also Dioskouroi. As it is adjacent to the Agora archaeological site (which is just beyond the fence in the photo above), it should not be difficult to find, if you don't mind climbing up steep slope (see the photo, left).
Although it is at the heart of Athens's tourists' area, the clientele consists mainly of locals, especially young one. The premises offer, besides usual drinks - with and without alcohol- and ice creams, platter of cooked small bites (pikilia). As far as the drinks, the price is on average for this area, and one frappé costs €4 (in 2009).

Dioskouroi The place is much frequented in the evening (I am not sure if it is open during the daytime) in summer. If you are lucky enough to find a table next to the Agora site, you can drink looking it over. Even if you are not, you can get the view strolling around. This photo was taken at a place some 10 metres up from the Dioskouroi; the darker front is the Agora, and the brighter back is the city centre, and the glaring spot at the centre is the Hephaisteion.

Odos Dioskouron 13, Plaka
Tel. 210-32.19.607

The same cafeteria/ mezedopoleio has two outlets near the Monastiraki station.
Adrianou 37, Monastiraki
Tel. 210-32.53.333
Adrianou 39, Monastiraki
Tel. 210-32.53.323

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