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Café-Restaurant EDEM

Edem restaurant
Cafeteria and Restaurant just in front of Edem station of Attika coast tram, easily accessible with public transport from Athens.

You may catch a tram from Syntagma for Voula or you can come to Neo Faliro by metro (Ilektrikó) and change to tram. The buses from Athens or Piraeus for Glyfada and Voula pass in front of it as well. For those who drive, it is also equipped with car park.

Edem taverna

The biggest advantage of this place is it is directly facing onto the beach, as you see in the photo left. During the summer, you can combine the visit with swimming (although, it being so close to marina, I don't expect the water to be very clean). Even outside the swimming season, it is very busy with the Athenians who come to enjoy food or coffee in front of the sea.

Edem beach

We visited here in April 2009 (all the prices below are of this date)

I took this photo from the table we sat at. There are many seaside restaurants along the Attica coast, but the ones facing directly to the sea (and not on the other side of the street, I mean) are limited.

Taverna Edem
The restaurant has three sections: one is the covered and walled main dining hall, one is barrack style covered space with more outdoor feel, and the third is a space with tables and chairs under beach parasols (this last seemed to be used as cafeteria). We chose to seat in the barrack to be closer to the sea, but if you go into the main building, the decor is more decent.

Greek bread
The waiters are very efficient as is often in Greek tavernes.

The price of the food is rather expensive for what it is; maybe 20-30% more than at the other Athenian restaurants in the same class. For example, a small dish of tzatziki or talamosalata is €4.50, a portion of fried small fish €7.50, €9 for pork chop, and €6.50 for Greek salad. On the other hand, the prices of coffee are not more than other in seaside cafeterias in Athenian area: €2.50 for Greek coffee, €3.70 for cappuccino, €3.50 for flappé

The bread is provided, if you want it or not, for €0.50 per person. When we requested extra bread, we weren't charge for that.
As it was during the Lent, we avoided dishes obviously containing fish, meat or dairy.

This is Melizanosalata (€4.50): charred aubergine dip made with olive oil, garlic, vinegar, and, in this case, flat leaf parsely. We liked it very much with mighty amount of fresh crashed garlic.

These are patatokeftedes (sort of potato croquettes), €4.50.
Patatokeftedes Greek Potato Croquettes

They are mashed potato mixed with feta cheese, dill, and tomato puree (I guess that is the reason it is pink), formed and deep-fried. It is not bad as an idea, but they were far too salty to our taste.
Deep fried squid was fine, but again €7.50 is probably over-priced.

Besides, we ordered a portion of chips, a bottle of beer and a small bottle of water. The total bill came to €24.60. For the price, we were pretty satisfied by the ambience and the average-good quality. But this is a result of very prudent ordering and the bill for two can easily get at €35 or €40.

If your main purpose is to enjoy good and interesting food, you would probably fare better elsewhere, but this is still a good place when you want to enjoy your beer or wine near the sea snacking on squid and chips somewhere near Athens and I am sure that is why the place was packed.

Edem on TrustedPlaces
Edem Cafe-Restaurant
Poseidonos 74, Palaio Faliro
Tel. 021-982.00.15

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