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Krinos' Loukoumades and Bougatsa

<Address> Aiolou 87 (Near Omonoia Square)

Sweets shop and cafeteria in a popular quarter, near Omonoia Square. Famous for its Loukoumades and Bougatsa, but it sells also savoury pies like tiropita (cheese pie).


Loukoumades are yeast leavened doughnuts served with sugar scirup. Krinos' syrup is mixed with honey. It costs €2.50 for a dish, and there were six pieces topped with generous quantity of honey syrup. Bougatsa is a individual pie contains semolina custard. You can find it almost any snack shops in Athens, but Krinos' Bougatsa tastes much better both in pie and in custard. One piece costs €2.40. They might seem a little expensive, but they are certainly worth the price.

It operates Macdonald's style self-service; you go to the counter, place your order, receive the food, and then pay. They will give you empty glasses that you will fill with water near the counter. I observed many bought only the sweets without ordering any drink. A frappé €1.90, which is cheaper than in many other shops around.

The shops seemed to be renovated recently, but it retains also the traditional structure.

(The information is of the summer 2005).

I revisited Krinos in April 2009 and took a bougatsa away.

Take-out prices are cheaper than eating-in; a bougatsa cost €1.70. There is a take-away counter in front of the shop (as you see in the first photo) and you do not need to go inside the shop.

various pites
Besides bougatses, there are also other pie: tyropita (cheese pie), kasseropita (kasseri cheese pie), loukanikopita (sausage pie), jambontyropita (ham and cheese pie), milopita (apple pie), small pizza etc, variously priced roughly between €1.60 and 1.80. There are also sandwiches.

As I wrote above, bougatsa means semolina custard pie. For some reasons I don't know, they are sometimes called Thessaloniki-style Bougatsa or Polikiti (=Constantinople style) Bougasa.

Luckly it was still piping hot when I bought it.

Pie crust was pleasantly flaky and buttery. Excellent. The semolina custard wasn't as custardy as I hoped, but it was still dense and creamy. It was dazzlingly sweet, but, you know, it was what I was expecting.

I checked the prices of eat-in menu. Loukmades are €3.20, bougatsa €2.90, Nes flappé €2. The price of loukmades jupmed up conspicuoulsly.

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