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Livadia (grilled pork skewers)

Livadia Souvlaki
I visited this place in November 2009, alone.

Situated near Omonia Square, it is one of the old Athenian popular favorites for pork kalamakia (if you don't know what it means, you'll see it below).

It is always crowded with Athenians and not so much with tourists.

Livadia Souvlaki

In the shop, there is this huge fridge full of pork skewers. It is a quite attractive view, if you are into meat.

Now, how to order.

1) Go to the cashier and pay for what you want to eat and drink. They have pork skewers, salad, and chips (potato fries) and pretty much that is it.

2) If you have paid for anything except meat and fries, go to the bar counter and place your order showing the receipt.

Livadia Souvlaki

3) Go to the grill man and tell him how many kalamakia you paid for. He will keep the receipt and won't return it to you. He will give you the souvlakia on metal plate if you are eating in and in bag if you are taking them out.

4) Take your food to empty table or to counter. Serve yourself with bread, water and salt. The grill man should have already dipped your skewers into lemon juice, but if you want fresh lemon wedges, you can ask at the bar counter.

Livadia Souvlaki

5) EAT!

Livadia Souvlaki
Livadia's pork skewers have right amount of fat and not burnt to death as the Greeks tend to do. You can see how pink the meat is in the photo right. Of course, if you don't like pork fat, it might not be your thing.

Another thing I noticed was that they did not much salt and many customers adding some salt on their own. Many souvlaki houses make kalamakia quite salty and personally I prefer the way Livadia does.

All in all, Livadia is an attractive choice for pork kalamakia in central Athens and is a right place to observe how the Athenian populace enjoy quick bites.

9 Gladstonos (Omonia)

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