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Mezedopoleio NAXOS

Mezedopoleio Naxos
The Naxos (I Naxos) is a mezedopoleio in Psyrri area of Athens where there are plenty of small workshops and restaurants standing side by side.
"Mezedopoleio" is a sort of restaurants where you order various small dishes (mezedes) and eat them at the same time sharing with your companions, instead of ordering starter and main dish and you have your own plates only for yourself. It tends to be less expensive than proper restaurant called "estiatorio" (but the distinction is very vague).

Naxos Taverna
As you see in the photo above, Naxos is not a big restaurant, but in warmer seasons, they increase the capacity considerably setting up tables outside and also in a vacant lot in front (as in the photo left).

As it is somehow hidden in a back street, many of the diners are local people. If you don't fancy too touristy places, Naxos is for you.

As you can see from the name, this mezedopleio is Naxian themed. They offer some Naxian specialties and many fish and seafood dishes.

Two of us visited here on a Sunday of April 2009. All the prices below are correct at the moment of this visit.

In the photo right is lovely Greek bread (€0.35 per persona and here are two portions).
Salad and peppers

First to arrive were cold dishes: tomato and cucumber salad (€2.80) and cheese stuffed peppers in oil (€4.50).

Cheese stuffed peppers
The cheese stuffed peppers I have eaten in Greece were usually oven-baked or fried in oil, but these were pickled peppers soaked in oil.

The small red peppers were as sweet as fruits, while the green ones were tougher and slightly hot (chilly). The cheese was white soft cheese that I could not identify.

French fries with grated cheese

Here are fried potatoes with grated cheese (€3.70).

Unfortunately, as you can probably see from the photo, the potatoes were burnt. They must have used too hot oil to fry; although the surface of potatoes were burnt, the core remained undercooked. Total failure.

Pork Tegania
Most of the meat and fish dishes here are around €10. The fish dishes are mostly either in vinegar (marinatos) or deep-fried.

We wanted to order oven roasted pork, but they did not have it. Our waiter suggested Pork tigania, instead (€10): lean morsels of pork cooked in frying pan with green peppers and mushrooms. If the pork was thinly sliced, it was almost a Chinese dish.

With a bottle of coke (€1.50), the total bill came to €23.20. I would like to try fish dishes next time.

Plateia Christokopidou 1
Psyrri, Athens
Tel. 210 3218222

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(REVISIT December 2010)


We paid a second visit in winter 2010.
Nothing has changed.

In this photo, you cannot see nobody, but there were some tables outside occupied already and also these tables were quickly taken soon afterwards.

horta, french fries and tyrokafteri
We had horta, French fries and tyrokafteri to start. This time the chips were perfectly done and we like them to eat with tyrokafteri.

Horta was soaked in far too much olive oil to our taste.

This is our main dish, bacon roll. I have never seen this in dish in Greek tavernes.

It was salt-cured and smoked pork meat and we liked it.

With a bottle of coke, the bill came to €20. Satisfactory.

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