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Imerovigli Restaurant in Piraiki
Until a few years ago (I am writing this in 2008), in the area of Piraeus called Piraiki, along the Akty Themistokleous, there were many restaurants and bars facing to the sea. At one moment, however, most of them were forced to close, as they were constructed illegally on the ancient wall line.

This restaurant, Imerovigli, is on Akty Themistokleous, but not on the wall.

This photo was shot from inside the restaurant. I cannot say it is a magnificent view, but it is still a view to the sea.

As the dining area is completely enclosed by the glass wall, it is cool inside even during the summer.


We visited this place in the summer 2008.

The interior is nicely decorated in sea and kitchen theme, with pastel gentle colours, which is somehow unusual in Greece.

There is another restaurant called Ammos in Mikrolimano, which is almost identically decorated. Checking the website, they belong to the same group.


Also pretty is the table setting; again unusual for Piraeus or for Greece.

The bread came sliced and toasted.

This is tyrokafteri - feta cheese and chili paste - (€ 3.50). It contains usually either yoghurt or mayonnaise, or both of them, and this one tasted of mayonnaise and was not very hot. It is eaten with bread.

xoriatike salata

Usual Xoriatiki Salata (literary translation is country style salad, but more widely known as Greek salad), €5.

The feta on top was thin, solid and not too salty. There were some pickled green peppers on top as well.

This is one of the main dish, Galeos (€ 6.50). Defrosted fish, dusted with flour and pan-fried; very common seafood dish in Greece.

The vegetable on the side is xorta, boiled green leaves.

Xoirino Mprizola
The other main dish, grilled pork chop on bone, with chips on the side (€ 7.50).

The meat was tasty. Who knows why the meat grilled at restaurants taste better than ones done at home?


Complimentary sorbets to cleanse the palate.

We ordered a bottle of water and a coke, and the total bill came to € 28.

Good place to have in the neighbourhood.

Ouzomezedopolio IMEROVIGLI
56 Akty Themistokleous, Piraiki
Piraeus, Greece
210 4523382

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