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Visited this grill restaurant in a Saturday afternoon of early March.

We were already familiar with this place, as Rigas is a favorite restaurant of a friend of ours and he invited us here twice in the past. For this reason, although it was the first time on our own, we knew already what to expect.

It is just in front of the Church of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) on top of Kastella Hill. It commands the view of the sea from the upper floor, but when we visited, only the lower floor was open. Our server said that they don't open the terrace for the lunch time in winter, but also that we could stay there if we wanted to.

Interior of the lower (gound) floor.

My memory tells me that it did not look so modern when we visited here last time (a few years ago), but I can be wrong.

For almost all through our meal, the restaurant was empty. When we arrived, a couple of customers was just leaving and when we were at the end of meal, another couple came in. Evidently it is not very busy in Saturday afternoon. But it is not always so. The last two times we visited, it was absolutely full and we could get in just because we had reservation.

We started off with tzatziki, horta, and grilled bread with ladorigani (olive oil and oregano).

We ordered tzatziki, because we knew that they had supreme yogurt. It was very creamy and fresh, with lots of garlic.

If you think it cannot go wrong with yogurt and cucumber, you are wrong. It needs good yogurt and should be made freshly, which is not always the case.

Horta (boiled green) also was fresh and nice, as it looks.

Meal General
General view of our meal.

We ordered only 4 items (+ bread), but it was quite a lot of food. We were relieved not to have ordered more.

As this is a grill restaurant, it is almost mandatory to order meat. For most of the items, you can either order by portion or by wright. The later choice is ideal for a big group.

We ordered a portion of grilled pork belly (€7.20). Pork was well grilled and some parts are almost charred giving variety to the texture. We enjoyed it well with lemon and tzatziki. In grilling, it is difficult for home kitchen to beat proper grill restaurant, for lack of strong fire.

For the side, there was a choice between fried potato and rice. I don't know how was the fried potato, as Husband ate them all.
Rigas serves almost exclusively meat, but during the Lenten fasting season, some non-meat main dishes are available (prawns, octopus, squid). Although we were not fasting, we ordered fried cod (€8.80), just not to eat meat only.

The batter was crisp and light and the fish had right saltiness. The skordalia (the stuff that looks like mashed potato) was also very good with loads of garlic.

At the end of the meal, we were offered yogurt with preserved grapes.

I asked the waiter where the yogurt came from. He could not tell me (or did not want to tell me), except that I cannot find it in supermarket.

They gave us a fiscal receipt.

Besides the items in the photos we also had a bottle of beer and the bill came to €27.40. We were happy to leave €30, as the food was competent and plenty and the service was decent and prompt.

If you want grilled meat in Piraeus, it is a very good place to try.

(Visited in March 2010)

Psitopoleio O Rigas
Idis 14, Profitis Ilias, Piraeus
Tel. 210-41.77.390, 41.12.936

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