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Athenian Agora: Odeion of Agrippa

Odeion of Agrippa

<Location> Athenian Agora, Athens, Attika, Greece
The photo above is the "orchestra" (stage) of the Odeion.

Odeion of AgrippaThis building is called the "Odeion of Agrippa" or the "Agrippieion", as it was constructed by Agrippa, Augustus' general and close ally. He must have started the construction between 16 and 14 BCE while he was staying Athens, and completed before his death in 12 BCE.
 Now its only remains are some part of floor and some columns, and it is difficult to immagine how it looked like, but, as the other odeions, it must have been a roofed rectangular building. The hall measured ca. 25 metres by 25 metres, and the highth from the orchestra to the roof was about 23 meters. The capacity was about a thousand people. The remaining floor of the orchestra is conserved from Agrippa's origina building.

Stoa of Giants

Capital of Odeon of Agrippa
(Right: Huge capital used in the Odeion of Agrippa)

Around the middle of the second centry CE the roof fell down and the building was renovated between 150 and 175 CE. The so-called Stoa of the Giants was added at this occasion.
 Philostratos wrote that Athenian philosophers and sophists performed in this building.

In the fifth century, the building was incorporated in a large private palace.


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