Agia Aikaterini Church
Agia Ekaterini

<Location> Lysikratous 3, Plaka, Athens 105 88

Agia Ekaterini
This church is situated between Hadrian's Arch and Lysikrates Monument. The central part of the church dates back to the Byzantine period, while the narthex was added at the middle of the 20th century.

According to the inscription at the altar, this church was constructed at the place where Eirene, wife of the emperor Theodosius II, founded the Church of St. Theodore in the fifth century.

The Byzantine part was constructed in the second quarter of the eleventh century. The oldest example of the cross plan with the central dome in Athens. At leaset since then until 1767 the church was dedicated to St. Theodore. It was rededicated to Saint Catherine in 1767 when the church was given to the Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai.

In this church there are holy relics of St. Polydoros of Cyprus, St. Athanasios of Persia, and St. Triphone. These relics were brought here by the priest Cyrilos Psylas who was banished from Ephesos in 1922.


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