Church of Holy Apostles in the Athenian Agora
Holy Apostles

<Location> Agora, Athens, Attika, Greece

Holy Apostles Church FacadeThe Church of Holy Apostles is situated in the south west corner of the Athenian Agora site. Is was constructed in early 11th century (maybe around 1020), and the oldest Byzantine church now extant in Athens. The later additions were removed between 1954 and 1956 to restore the original appearance.

Holy Apostles from the back
The church has a quite particular plan than has never repeated anywhere else in Greece. The large dome supported by four columns is standard, but innovative is the central spaced surrounded by four apses and four apsidioles. Because of this particular shape, the narthex is given two extra rooms at the both end to the usual rectangular space.

In the photo right is the church seen from the rear.

Holy Apostles Inside
Four Roman columns were reused to support the dome (now only one is original). The 17th century frescos decorating the nartex (photos below) were brought from Ag. Spiridon that used to be situated at the site of Pantainos' Library, and some others were transfered from St. Georgios = Hephaisteion.

Fresco1 Fresco2

Below is a sculpted panel kept in the nartex.



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