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Church of Transfiguration (Metamorphosis)
Church of Metamorphosis

<Location> Plaka, Athens, Greece

Kottakis Church
The Church of Transfiguration (Metamorphosis) is situated at the heart of Plaka, on Kydathinaion Street.

Originally built in the second half of the 11th century or in the twelfth century, but later restored. It is not clear to which extent it preserves the original feature, but in my view the interior plan and structure seem to be pretty old.

It is also called Kottakis Church, to distinguish from the other Church of Metamorphosis in Upper Plaka, which in turn called also Sotiraki Church.

Metamorphosis Church
In front of the church some ancient columns are reused as benches.

Ancient columns are reused also inside the Church.


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