Metamorphosis (Sotiros) Church

<Location> Theorías Street (Upper Plaka), Athens, Greece

This small Byzantine church is situated on the northern slope of Akropolis, close to Kanellópoulos Museum. Metamorphosis means Transfiguration in Greek.

The photo above is shot from west, and the left one was shot from north.

The construction date is controversial; it might be the late 11th/ early 12th, or the 14th century. On closer look at the masonry, you shall notice that some parts are much cruder than the others (compare, for example, the external wall of apse and the northern wall). This might mean that the original part was constructed in the earlier date, and the later addition date back to the 14th century (Paul Hetherington's theory).


In the photo right is the apse, shot from east.

The church is also called Sotiraki or Sotiros (Metamorphosis tou Sotiros), as there is another Metamorphosis (Kottakis) church in Lower Plaka.

Below is a curved marble reused in the church. It seems early Byzantine.

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