Sotira Lykodimou Church (Russian Orthodox Church)
Sotira Likodimou

<Location> Od. Filellinon, Athens, Greece

Some guidebooks list this church as Byzantine, but the building is relatively new being rebuilt in the nineteenth century. Th Church is also called St. Nikodemos.

Sotira Lykodimou Church
The church was orignally constructed by Stephanos Lykodemou (or Likodimou, died in 1045) in 1031. There used to be a monastery, but it was abandoned being heavily damaged by the earthquake in 1701. When it demolished in 1780, Haji Ali Haseki used its material to construct the city wall.

The church was damaged by bombing in 1827, and left neglected for long time, but the Russian government rebuilt it between 18552 to 56.

St. Nikodemos Church
The external wall is decorated with cufic bricks, as middle Byzantine churches.

Sotira Lykodimou Church
There is large dome, although I could not put it inside the frame nicely.

Russian Orthodox Church Bell Tower
The bell tower in front of the church was added in the nineteenth century.


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