Dora Stratou Theatre for Greek Folk Dances

Stratou Theatre

<Location> Athens, Attika, Greece

@Dora Stratou Greek Dance Society was founded in 1953 by Dora Stratou, daughter of a former Greek Prime Minister and classical singer. Its scope was to preserve the Greek folk dances, and it is financed by the State. The professional folk dances perform every evening, except Mondays, in its own theatre on the hill of Acropolis.

@As they don't perform mere to entertain the tourists, but mainly to preserve and propagete the Greek folk culture, there are usually quite a lot of Greek visitors. On the two occasions I visited, more than the half of the audience was Greek people. The announcement is, however, not only in Greek, but also in English and in French.

@One performance is for about 80 min., and the entrance fee is 15 euro (August 2005). The address is : Scholiou 8, Plaka, Athens. For more information, you may visit their own home page