Street of Tombs in the Kerameikos Site

Street of Tombs

<Location> Kerameikos Site, Athens, Attica, Greece

So-called "Street of Tombs". The both side of the road that led to Piraeus was used as funerary allotments, since the beginnings of the fourth century. The width of the road is 8 metres. More than 90 metres have been excavated and more than 20 tombs were found. In this photo, you can see only one side of the road, but also the opposite side is lined with funerary monuments.

These allotments were given to eminent citizens and rich metoikoi (foreign citizens with right of residence).

At the corner there is the tomb of Dexileos, son of Lysanians of Thorikos; the relief depicts a young man (supposedly Dexileos) on horse back attacking a man on the ground. This monument is, as well as the others, a copy of the original exhibited in the Oberländer Museum.