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Cycladic Art Museum
Museum of Cycladic Arts
This museum was founded by Mrs Dolly Gourandri to house the Cycladic art objects she and her late husband Nikos Gourandris collected over years and donated to the State. It was opened in 1986. Apart from the Cycladic sculptures (3200-2000BC), the museum exhibits later Greek artefacts till Roman time and Ancient Cypriot objects. It organises special temporary exhibitions as well.
The museum uses as a wing the Neo-Classic building designed by Ernst Ziller in the top photo.

Practical Information
It takes 10 min walk from Syntagma Square where two metro lines run. There are also buses and trolleys stop in front of the museum (further information for the museum website).

Some Permanent Exhibits
Cycladic statues The Cycladic sculptures are exhibited on the first floor of the main building.

Most of the Cycladic sculptures represent female and these in the photo are no exceptions. The one in the centre is unusually large (1.40 m), while Cycladic statues tend to be small.
Cupbearer A sculpture named 'Cup-bearer'.

A human figure - with no male or female characteristic - is seated on a chair and drinking something from a cup. Unusual type for Cycladic sculptures.

2800-2300 BC.
Stargazer A sculpture named 'Stargazer'.

Found in Kilia site in Callipoli Peninsula in Eastern Thrace (European side of Turkey).

4360-3360 BC.
Ancient Cypriot Statue One of the ancient Cypriot statues exhibited on the third floor of the main building.

A cross like human figure without gender characteristics.

Cycladic Museum On the 4th floor, miscellanous Greek artefacts are arranged according to various aspects of the ancient Greek life, with the help of illustrations and audio-visual devices.

Neophytou Douka 4 or Irodotou 1 (at the corner of Vas. Sophias)
106 74 Athens
(There are two entrances and the main one is on Neophytoy Douka; the one in the photo above is the one on Irodotou)
Tel. 210 7228321
Fax. 210 7239382
The museum is open 10-17 o'clock on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10-20 on Wednesdays, 11-17 on Sundays, and closed on Tuesdays. The entrance fee is €7, reduced ticket is €3.50 and €2.50 young people aged between 19 and 26 (correct in March 2010; check out the museum website for up-to-date information).


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