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Lykavettos Hill

Mt. Lykavittos
Lykavittos (or Lycabettus) is a hill situated at north-east from central Athens. It is 277 (273 according to some other) metre high from the sea level and there is a panoramic view of Athens from the top.

In the photo top is Lykavittos seen from Akropolis. A white building at the top is the Chapel of St. George, built in 19th century. In the photo right is Akropolis seen from Lycabittos. The white building at the centre is Parthenon.

I can make it to the top in less than half an hour from Kolonaki, but, if you want to, you can take a funicular railway (called Teleferik) from the middle of the hill. You can find the terminal at the end of Ploutarhou Street. Oneway ticket costs €3 and there is one per half an hour between 9 in the morning and 3 in the night.

In the photo left, the tables belong to high-end restaurant-café Orizontes (Horizons) and the orange construction at the middle is the Lykavittos Theatre. At Orizontes cafeteria, one cappuccino costs €6 and coctails and desserts around €12 (in March 2010). The restaurant is situated belog the cafeteria and pricier.

Kasterolizo Restaurant


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