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Monastiraki by Night

Monastiraki Square
Archaeological remains under Monastiraki Square
In January 2009, I noticed that the refurbishment project of Monastiraki Square has finally finished. It is beautifully lit up in the evening.

The Byzantine church in this photo is Panagia Pantanassa founded around 10th century (dating, however is unsecure).

In the middle of the Square, there are two 'holes' through which we can admire the Antiquities of Athens. In the photo above is one of them: if you look through the glass lid (where a doy lies), you get the view like this (this part can be seen from the Monastiraki metro station.
This is the other 'hole'.

Archaeological site of Monastiraki
This is how it looks. It is pretty confused and not very clear which is what.

Acropolis by night
Acropolis seen from Monastiraki.

The open area in front is the Roman Agora site.
Taverna Savvas
From Monastiraki Square to the end of Metropoleos Street, there are three old souvlaki restaurants. They are very popular both among the tourists and the Athenians.

This is one of them, Savvas.

Here is another, Bairaktaris.

I ate a gyropita a few years ago. It was pretty good.

This restaurant serves not only various Greek BBQs, but also stewed or oven-cooked foor and mezedes.

This is Thanassis. It is very famouns for reasons unknown to me,

Although it is a humble place, it is visited by Greek politicians and various celebrities.

Kebab in Pita
Thanassis is famous for Greek bifteki like kebab; minced meat grilled on skewer. This is a kebab rolled in pita (€1.80 in 2009).

It is nice, although neither fried potato or tzatziki is present (gyropita usually includes both). Personally I found the pita bread too oily.

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