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Monastiraki Square
Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki is situated at the heart of Athens, and close to the most important tourist attractions like Acropolis, Syntagma Square, Ancient Agora and so on. It is very lively quarter, as many cafeterias of the area attract also the local young people.

In the photo above is the Square in front of the Monastiraki Metro Station which can be seen at the right end. The high building at the centre is the Tsistaraki Mosque (now Folklore Museum), and the hill in the background is the Akropolis.

As it implied by the name, there used to be a small monastery here. The Byzantine church in the Square, Panagia Pantanassa (in the photo above right, at the right end) was a part of it.

Touristic shops

This is one of the shopping streets. Many shops sell sourvenirs and jewelly for the tourists, but some sell cloths and shoes for young people.

Gyros shop of Monastiraki

In the photo above is one of the gyros shops in the Monastiraki Square. There are several gyros-souvraki tavernas here. If you don't sit down, one gyros-pita costs around €1.80 (in 2008). You have to pay more if you get a table, but as the place is so convenient and the food is reasonably tasty (but this is NOT an haut-cuisine), these souvlaki shops are ideal venue for a quick lunch between touristic visits.

In the photo above, is the old establishment Bairaktaris, which serves not only Greek BBQs, but also meze (mezedes), stewed food, or oven cooked dishes.

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