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Greek Folk Art Museum 'Kyriazopoulos Pottery Collection'

Greek Folk Art Museum
Folk Pottery Museum
The mosque like building in Monastiraki Square was actually built as a mosque (for the building, please refer to Tsistarakis Mosque page) and now used as a branch of Greek Folk Art Museum.

The entry charge is €2 (in spring 2009). Open from 9 to 14:30 and closed on Tuesdays.

Works of Makarios Valdahis
Until the mid-seventies, this building was the Museum of the Greek Folk (formerly known as Museum of Greek Handifracts) and when the main collection was moved to the building in Kidathinaion Street in Plaka, this became a branch of the same museum housing only a modern folk pottery collection.

The collection, mainly of the first half of the 20th century, was donated to the state by Vassilios Kyriazopoulos, professor of Meteorology, University of Thessaloniki.

The exhibits were arranged in two floors: on the lower floor, the works are arranged by the potters and on the upper floor, items are regionally arranged.

Browsing through the collection on the lower floor, you cannot fail to notice the resemblance of modern Greek pottery to the Turkish counterparts. This is because many of the early 20th century Greek potters came from Asia Minor. You can read the biographies of the represented Greek potters in the museum.

Macedonian Potteries
Above two photos are the exhibits on the lower floor: the upper one is Makarios Valdahis', the lower one is Minas Avramidis section.

Photos left and below are the exhibits in the upper floor: left is Macedonian (Northern Greek) potteries, below are Dodecannese ones.

Dodecannese Potteries
There is a small shop in the museum which sells folk potteries: main price range is between €20 and €50.

Best for those who love Greek folk pottery and those who interested in Ottoman architecture.

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