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Acharnian Road and Gate Archaeological Sites
Acharnian Road
Acharnian Road Site
If you walk down Aiolou Street from Omonoia toward Monastiraki, you can see the open archaeological sites of the Acharnian Road and Acharnian Gate.

In the photo above is the Acharnian Road and Cemetery Site in Kotzis Square. In the photo right is the same site seen from the present ground level.

Acharnian Cemetery
The roadsides were aligned with tombs and you can see many marble sarcophagus.

Acharnai is a deme of the ancient Athens, famous for Aristophanes's comedy "Acharnians".

Acharnian Gate Site
Going down Aiolou toward Monastiraki, you will find the Acharnian Gate site on your left.

In the photo right is the moat just in front of the Gate (the Gate itself has not yet been uncovered). The passage behind the moat is the Acharnian Road that led to the Acharnian Gate.

Acharnanian Road Reference

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