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Philopappou Hill
Filopappou Hill

The green hill seen in the photo above is Philopappou Hill. The photo is taken from Acropolis hill, and the theatre in the foreground is the Odeion of Herode Atticus. Philopappos is the person who constructed the enormous funerary monument at the top of the hill; you can recognise it above.

In Antiquity, this place is called Mouseion Hill, because there was a shrine dedicated to the Muses here.

On the hill itself, there is nothing very important to see except for the monument. You can get, however, probably the best view of Acropolis (see below).

Acropolis from the Hill of the Muses

Big tortoise we found on the hill

The closest metro station is Thissio. It would be a good idea to pass here after the visit to Acropolis or to the Ancient Agora. The area is, however, reputed to be unsafe in the night; so avoid to be here after the sunset, especially if you are alone.

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