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Jewish Museum of Greece (Plaka, Athens)
Jewish Museum

<Location> Plaka, Athens, Greece

Jewish Museum
A small and charming museum at the edge of Plaka (the building in the photo right is the museum, but the entrance isn't; it is at the end of small passage just by the building and you need to ring the bell to enter). It was founded in 1977.

The museum exhibits materials to illustrate 2300 years of Jewish history in Greece concentrating more on the modern period.

According to the information provided at the museum, just before the World War II, Greece was a home to 78,000 Jews. During the German occupation, 65,000 lost their lives to the Nazi cruelty. Particularly in Thessaloniki 50,000 Jews used to live. The town came into the German hands in earlier period of occupation and 97% of the Jews were exterminated in concentration camps. What it used to be one of the largest Jewish community in Europe vanished in the matter of four years. The number of the Jews living in Greece now is not more than 5,000.

In the photo above is reproduction of now destroyed synagogue in Patras for the diminution of Jewish population.
Jewish Museum

The tube-shaped boxes in the photo are 'tik', cases to store manuscript of Torah (Five books of Moses).

Jewish Museum

These are the items used for Jewish festivities and ceremonies.

Jewish Museum
Jewish costumes under the Ottoman rule.

In the Ottoman Empire, it was prohibited to ware Western style dress. These traditional dresses were abandonned when Greece obtained independence and the Jews as well as the Greeks adopted Western dress.


Address: 39 Nikis, Plaka, Athens
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-14:30; Sunday, 10:00-14:00; Saturday Closed
Entrance Fee: €5 and €3 for Students (in Spring 2010; Check the website below for updated info)

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