Gate of Athena Archegetis, Roman Agora

Western Propylon

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West Gate
<Location> Roman Agora, Athens, Attica, Greece
<Also Known As> West Propylon, Gate of "Athena the Originator"

The Roman Agora had two main entrances, one is the East Propylon (at the eastern end of the agora), and the other West Propylon, also known as the Gate of Athena Archegetis (meaning Athena the Originator [of Athens]). This is the latter gate; it is Doric tetrastyle.

In the photo above is the gate seen from the West (from outside the Roman agora site), and below is the same gate seen from the East (from inside the site).

West Gate

From the inscription on the entablature (IG. 22 3175, 11-9 BC), we know that this gate, and the whole agora was dedicated to Athena Archegetis by divus (divine, meaning postumously deified), and the divus filius (the divine son) Caesar Augustus.

West Gate


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