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Chatzis (cafeteria and patisserie)

In Syntagma area there are several good Greek sweets shop and Chatzis is one of them.

Already famous in Thessaloniki, Chatzi's opened the first Athenian branch here and now there is another one in Kolonaki area.

Here you can either take out or eat in their speciality Oriental sweets, including cream made from buffalo milk.

Tables are both on the grond and the first floor. In the photo left is the first floor seating space which looks like a classic style European salon de té.

The price is rather high even in Syntagma standard. As you have to pay more for eating-in, you can always choose take out option if you are after value for money.

Kunefe with cheese
This is hot kunefe with cheese (€8.50). It takes about 20 min to prepare, as it is made to order.

Kunefe is a Turkish word for Kataïfi. In between fry-baked thin noodles there is a layer of slightly salty yellow cheese. The super-sweetness of the syrup is nicely cut by saltiness of cheese. They sell also ordinaly kunefe (kataïfi) for about 6 euros (eat-in), but once you are here and choose to eat-in, 2 euro extra is well worth. You can make it even more special (and expensive) adding kaimaki cream or ice cream.

The quality comes at the cost, but if you want to eat-in high quality Greek Sweets in central Athens, Chatzis is a good choice, as there are not many Oriental sweet patisserie with decent eat-in space.

Chatzis (or Hatzi's)
Mitropoleos 5, Syntagma, Athens
Tel. 210-3222647 (Greek only)

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