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Dosirak (Japanese-Korean Restaurant)

Before going into detail, I have to make a clarification. Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine are totally different cuisine. They are not even similar as Greek and Italian cuisines are somehow similar. Nowadays, many Japanese people enjoy Korean food and the Koreans Japanese food, but to us (both to Korean and to Japanese) our cuisines are quite distinct and the combination of "Japanese-Korean" sounds odder to our ears than to Europeans.

Nevertheless, Dosirak offers quite decent Japanese food. I have not yet tried Korean dishes here, but can guarantee for Sushi (if you are not unsure, sushi is Japanese) dishes.

Nigiri sushi
This is a big plate of nigiri sushi (€20). The Greeks tend to like maki sushi (roll sushi), but, for us Japanese, nigiri sushi is the king of sushi (I am not going into detail, but in Japan there are many more sushi dishes than most of the foreigners know).

The size of each sushi is smaller than I usually find in Japan, but 13 pieces (odd number, isn't it?) for €20 isn't bad value.

We ordered also Ton Katsu (€ 9). It is a pork cutlet in Japanese style; slice of pork coated in egg and bread crumbs. The Japanese Ton Katsu is made of thicker slice of pork, while this one is of paper thin meat, but it is crispy and quite edible especially if you don't expect Japanese Ton katsu.

California Maki
As above two were not enough, we added also a big California Maki (€ 14).

It is so called as it was invented by Japanese restaurants in California for those Americans who were not used to row fish. It always includes avocado, but other ingredients are changeable. This version includes, besides avocado, surimi crab, row salmon, and cucumber.

With a bottle of water and a bottle of beer, the total bill came to € 47.50. As it involves fresh fish, the price I think was about right and better-valued than Furin Kazan. I will report again when I try Koreand dishes.

(All the prices reported here refer to my visit in September 2009).

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Voulis 33, Athens
Tel: 210-3233330
Fax: 210-3233396
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