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Furin Kazan Japanese Restaurant

Furin Kazan
We visited this restaurant in January 2009 (the photo left was taken in 2008).

It offers not only sushi and sashimi, but various Japanese dishes like chahan (fried rice), yakisoba (Japanese style stir-fried noodles), tonkatsu (Japanese style pork cutlet) etc.

Although we booked a table and arrived on time, it took a while for waiters to show us the table and then we were forgotten for some time until we called the attention of a waiter to have our order taken.

Green tea (€1.50 per person) was offered in an iron pot; it looks very nice, but too heavy to be practical.

Salmon tataki
Salmon tataki (€7) was the first to arrive. Salmon meat was cut into dices and eaten with soy sauce mixed with wasabi paste. On top are about 5 ikura (salmon roe).

It was OK, but not much else to say.

salmon and avocado maki
Salmon and avocado hoso-makii€11).

Maki sushi (rolled sushi) are very popular in Greece and there are also tekka maki (with tuna), kappa maki (with cucumber), oshinko maki (with white radish pickle), ume maki (with pickled plum paste) etc.

Nigiri sushi
Nigiri platter (€22) took ages (about half an hour) to arrive.

Tuna was very good, but the other fish was so and so. I would't pay €22 for it.

The total bill came to €43. As the portion size was small, we did not feel to have eaten enough. The best tactics might be to order sushi with fried rice or fried noodles as the Greeks around us were doing. But, it is something I wouldn't do as a Japanese.

Apollonos 2, Athens
Tel: 210-3229170
(Blue Point in the Map)

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