Statues and Inscription Related to the Theatre

Statue of Papposilenos

<Location> Theatre of Dionysos site, Athens, Attica, Greece

Statue of Papposilenos
The statues and inscriptions found near the theatre are now collected under a large roof at the east end of the Theatre of Dionysos site. Here are some examples.

The statues above and left are of Papposilenos (or just Silenos, old satyr or father of the satyrs, who brought up Dionysos). They were added to the theatre when the stage was restored in the Roman period. First to second ceutury AD.

In the photo below is the inscription accompanying a lost choregic monument. The archon Gaius Iulius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappos named here is the person who built the funerary monument at the top of the Philopappou Hill.

Choregic Inscription

Statue of Papposilenos
Cylindrical altar dedicated to Dionysos. Later half of the second century BC (Hellenistic period).


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