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Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
Islamic Art Museum in Thissio is a new exhibit place for the Islamic art collection of the Benaki Museum (the main building in Kolonaki).

Its four floors are dedicated to exhibit various art and archaeological pieces from the Islamic world. The exhibits are arranged in chronological order, the oldest items collected on the lower and the newest on the higher floor.

Here are some photos of the collection.
Old Islamic inscriptions Turquoise ceramics
Room of an Egyptian Mansion Blue Ceramics
Jewellery Decorated Ceramics

Ancient Fortification
Beneath the building a part of the ancient fortification was excavated and the visitors can see it from the underground level.

This fortification was constructed in the fourth century BC to reinforce the fifth century Themistoclean wall, built probably in the even of the Macedonian invasion.

The Athenian fortification was destroyed by the Roman general Sulla in 86BC.

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art Cafeteria

There is a cafeteria on the top of the building and the visitors can enjoy drinks looking the Acropolis, Philopappou Hill and the Kerameikos Archaeological Site.

• Closing Days: Monday to Wednesday, certain holidays (see the website)
• Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 9-17 o'clock
• Address: Agion Asomaton 22 & Dipilou (Close from the Thissio Station, Metro 1)
• Phone: 210-3251311
• Entrance: €5 (in summer 2010)
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