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Thissio and Ag. Asomatoi
Square in front of Thissio station
Thissio is a name given to the area north of the Agora Hill and near Thissio Metro station (Line 1 Ilektriko).

The name comes from the Thesseion (Thissio in modern Greek) temple standing on the Agora Hill. The temple actually was dedicated to Hephaistos, but in the past i was tought to be Theseus's temple. In the photo above is the statue of Theseus near the Thesseio station and behind it the upper part of the temple is visible.

Thissio is the nearest metro station if you are going to Kerameikos archaeological site and Benaki Museum of Islamic Art.

Part of the Adrianou Street running between Monastiraki and Thissio is lined with cafeterias and restaurants and very popular and busy from noon to the evening with tourists as well as locals (Photo Left).

Kuzina (click to its website), famous for its new Greek cuisine, is situated at the Thissio end of the Adrianou Street.

The budget is about 35-45 euros (without wine). Reservation is advisable especially for weekend evenings: tel. (+30)-210-32.40.133.
Apostolou Pavlou
Apostolou Pavlou Street which leads from Thissio Station to Acropolis is a pleasant - albeit if it is not too hot - pedestrian passage lined with cafeterias and taverns (photo left).

Acropolis and the Agora site is visible from the street.

Iraklidon Street
Iraklidon Street (photo right) running from the Aposolou Pavlou toward west leads to newly redevelopped 'Gazi' area.

Again Iraklidon is full of cafeterias and mezedopoleia (eateries offering drinks and some food to go with). Melina Merkouri Cultural Centre is at the west end of the same street.

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