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Short pasta made from wheat and milk

Trachana, Kritikos Chontros Simple trachana soup
Trachana is a sort of short pasta made of un-refined wheat, milk, salt and egg sometimes.

There are various types of trachana and the one in the photo is made from lightly milled cracked wheat, produce of Crete. They can be more finelly milled and can be sour.

In Greece, it costs between 2 and 3 euros per a 500g packet (in 2009).


This is how it looks before cooking.

It smells of something dairy, milky or cheesy. Depending on product, the smell can be very strong and some people find it off-putting.


This version looks very much like bulgur wheat (cracked wheat) - eaten mainly in Middle East but also in Greece - but the distinct smell tells you the difference.

The easiest way to prepare is to make a soup or porridge, boiling it with water. I add 500ml of water to 100g of trachana, but you can change the ratio accoding to your taste (just be careful in lessening the water, as, less water means you have more chance of getting it burnt). It takes about half an hour of boiling, but if you let it soak in water before cooking, you can shorten the boiling time. You should adjust boiling time according to your taste (how soft you like it) and to the type of trachana you use.

Trachana soup
You can use milk or soup stock instead of water, but, if you are using the latter, be weary of seasoning, as trachana itself can contain enough salt.

You may add olive oil, pepper, grated cheese, lemon juice etc if you like. It can be boiled with vegetable and/or meat.

Trachana can be used for gemista (stuffed and oven baked vegetable) instead of rice. Easy peasy.

Agiassos trachana
These ones are a regional variety that we found in Agiassos of Lesvos Island. We were told it is a local specialty.

The reason why trachana is made into cups is that they can be stuffed with tomato and cheese and baked in oven.

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