Church and Convent of Saint Nektarios
Agios Nektarios Church
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Saint Nektarios is probably the most important saint of the modern Greece. His canonization in 1961 is the first in the modern Greek Orthodox Church. He was born in Silyvria of Thrace in 1946. When he was serving as the Archpriest of the Metropolis of Pentapolis in Egypt, he was falsely accused by his fellow clergymen and banished from Egypt. After returning to Greece he had been treated with contempt and suspicion. Later, however, he was cleared of all charges and founded this convent. The fact he never attacked those who accused him falsely is seen to be a proof of his sainthood.

The corpse of the saint is enshrined in this monastery, and many Orthodox pay pilgrimage here. The church (above) contains the right hand of Nektarios, and the rest is in the two small churches inside the monastery.

Agios Nektarios Monastery
The monastery is situated at the middle of the road from Aegina town to Agia Marina, and it takes about a quarter of an hour by bus from the town (one-way ticket price €1.10 in the Summer 2006).

Left is a picture placed in front of the church; the triangular island just below Madonna and the Infant is Aegina.

Monastery of Ag. Nektarios
The convent is situated next to the church and you can visit going up the stairs in front (right). Women should wear long skirt and men have to wear long trousers; if you happen not to be properly dressed, you can borrow skirts and trousers at the entrance.

Books about Nektarios and icons are sold in two shops inside the convent. You can also get holy water.


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