Archaeological Museum, Delos
Artemis and deer

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The archaeological finds like sculptures, mosaics, ceramics are housed in the Delos Archaeological Museum. The entrance fee is includes in the entrance ticket of the site.

In the photo above is the group of Artemis and deer, dated to the second century BC. Artemis is twin sister of Apollo and she also was born in Delos. She is the deity of agriculture and fertility, and also of hunting.
Parian SphinxAbduction of Oreitheia
Above is Sphinx dedicated by the Parians in the 6th century BC, installed on the top of an Ionian capital. Above is the group of abduction of Oreithyia by Boreas (North Wind), found in the akroteria of the temple of Athenians constructed in 420 BC.

Statue of Dionysos

Dionysos on the throne, found in the Delian sanctuary of Dionysos (Stoibadeion). Made in the Hellenistic period, under the influence of Alexandrian art.

The mosaic below was found on the floor of a house in Jewellery Quarter. In the central square, Athena is standing on the left, Hermes to the right, and between them is an unidentified seated figure.

Athena and Artemis


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