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This now uninhabited island is used to be important religious centre in Antiquity as birthplace of the Sun god Apollo and of Artemis. The ancient Athens, when organized a league of Greek cities against the foreign powers, placed its centre on this island (Delian League). It attracts tourists from all over the world.

As there is no hotel in Delos, all the visitors had to have their base elsewhere. Most of them come from Mykonos, but there are some organized tours from near-by islands like Naxos only during the summer. As the boats going to Mykonos are relatively small, when it is windy, the communication shall be cancelled and it is not infrequent (the Cyclades are notoriously windy), just like when I visited there at the beginning of September 2003.

The picture above is the sanctuary of Dionysos; the phallus statue on the base is well-known.

The man standing with red T-shirt is our friend Dimitris. We got to know him several years ago, when he came to study in Italy. We met him on Mykonos by chance, and he invited us to his tour. Greece is in fact a small country!

If you visit Delos from Mykonos, there are two alternatives: one is to join in a guided tour and the other is to visit on your own. If you know anything about archaeology and really interested, I strongly advise you not join in a tour, as the area that you can look around in group is really small. Or, if you have time, visit Delos once in a guided-tour, and on your own for the second time. You can buy guidebooks at the ticket booth at the entrance of excavation (some shops in Mykonos sell the same books for double price, so be careful).


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