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Captives Façade
Captives Facade

<Location> Ancient Corinth Site, Korinthos, Greece

Captives Facade
This monument is situated between the row of shops that forms the northen side of the forum and the beginning of the Lechaion road. It functioned as an entrance and screen of the basilica (1st century BC) situated at the western side of the Lechaion road. It was a two-storey structure and was built in Parian marble.
The name "Captives Façade" comes from the statues of captured Eastern barbarians that supported the second storey. The remaining two statues (originally there were at least four) are housed in the museum (see the photos below). They looked quite large and probably larger-than-life (I could not measure well their height because they were placed in a high place.
This Façade was constructed between 160 and 170 probably to commemorate the victory of the emperor Lucius Verus over the Parthians. Many of the construction materials, however, date back to the Augustan period, and this means that it reused materials from other Augustan monuments, or that the Façade itself is a recomposition to an Augustan building.

Statue of Captive, Eastern Barbarian Statue of Captive, Eastern Barbarian


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