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Christian Sculptures
Capital with Cherubim

<Location> Ancient Corinth Site, Korinthos, Greece

These are some pieces of sculpture and inscription from late Antiquity to Byzantine period. As I could not find any information about them in guidebook or on site, I don't know the details.
In the photo above is a capital with Cherubim.

In the photo below are marble panels that I found outside the museum. I think these are the partition panels used in church to separate the altar from the rest of the space where the laymen had access. Probably from the fifth to the sixth century.

pulteo capitals with cross face

Above was a shot of a store; there are many capitals and other architectural elements with relief of the cross.

I found this sculpture (right) on the ground; it looks either a human face or a cat. Maybe of the middle Byzantine period.

This is a funerary inscription of certain Demetrios. On site, it was put with the right side down, but here I rotated the photo.

Inscription of Demetrios

In the photo below is an early Byzantine sculpted building element. Seeing the square hole cut at the middle, it must have been supported by pillars.

Byzantine Sculpted Building element
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