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Forum from the North

<Location> Ancient Corinth Site, Korinthos, Greece

Corinth, Forum
Above and right are the North-West Shops facing to the forum, shot from the high mound where the Temple of Apollo stands.
The forum of Corinth, constructed by the Romans, is exceptionally large (210m x 90m), and divided in two by a central row of shops. It used to be paved with marble.
Before the destruction by the Romans, this area was occupied by temples, a stoa and a race-course. The Greek agora might have been situated north or north-east of the Temple of Apollo.

In the photo below is the central construction of the North-West shops. Only here the vault is preserved. This row of shops was constructed in the third century.
Corinth, North-West Shops Korinthos, Wall Painting

In the photo right is remain of wall painting; I don't see what was painted but it is quite colourful and might be Byzantine.


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