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Fountain of Glauke
<Location> Ancient Korinthos (Corinth)

Originally built in the sixth century BCE, and restored in the imperial period. It was not built, but cut out from the natural rock. There are four pools inside, and the water could be drawn from the front.

Fountain of Glauke

Glauke Fountain Glauke is the daughter of the king Kreon of Corinth. When Jason and his wife Medea came to Corinth, Jason wished to marry Gkauke and abandonned Medea. Enraged, Medea gave Glauke a poisoned cloaked as gift. Wearing it, Glauke felt her body buring and threw herself into this fountain. The Corinthians revenged by stoning the children of Medea to death, or Medea herself killed them as part of a revenge to Jason. This legend became a piece of tragedy by Euripides, and reported also by Pausanias (2.3.6).

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