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Korinthos (Corinth)

<Location> Ancient Corinth (Archea Korinthos), Korinthia, Greece

The Korinthos archaeological site is more than 6 km away (so is written in my guidebook, but actually it seemed to me more) from the modern town of Korinthos, and there are buses one per hour.

There are frequent bus connection from Athens to Korinthos, and, if less frequent, there are trains too. The train station and the bus station of Korinthos are close, and situate at a walking distance from the town centre. There are some hotels near stations, and the restaurants are concentrated on the sea side. The modern Korinthos is large, lively and wealthy city, but it is not a tourist attraction.

There are many organised tours visiting the ancient Korinthos, and they leave in one hour or one and a half. If you are interested in archaeology, the visit of the site and the museum take at least three hours. You need at least 3 hours more, if you are going to the Akrokorinthos.

Even if you finish the visit a bit early, you can spend some time at restaurant-cafeterias and gift-shops near the entrance to the site. As the ancient Korinthos was famous for ceramic production, some shops sell hand-made replica ceramic wares.

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