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Eating in Archaia Korinthos
Corinthian pork gyros merida
Psitopoleio Archaia Korinthos
Archaia Corinth village, where the Corinth Archaeological Site is, has basic tourists amenities including restaurants, cafeterias and souvenir shops.

When we visited Akrokorinthos in summer 2008, we tried one of the restaurants (the one in the photo right).

In the top photo is a portion of pork gyros. It was accompanied by bread and cost €6. Meat was not particularly juicy (I think gyros is difficult to be juicy), but quite tasty.

This is chicken souvlaki (€1.80). We had also pita-wrapped version costing €2.

Together with water and a bottle of coke, total bill came to €11.80. Very good value for money.

"Archaia Korinthos"
Odos Korinthou
tel. 27410-31291
(All the prices above are of summer 2008)
Restaurants in Corinthos
We entered a budget place, but if you are ready to pay more - only slightly more and not expensive - there are restaurants with view toward the Corinthian Bay on the other side of Odos Korinthos, Ancient Corinth being situated on higher ground. If you can get a good positioned table, it is probably worth paying some euros more.

In the photo right is one of the scenic restaurants; some are catered for tourist groups.

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