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Lechaion Road and Propylaia
Lechaion Road

<Location> Archaia Korinthos (Ancient Corinth), Korinthia, Greece

In the photo above is the Lechaion Road, shot from the north toward the south (toward Corinth). Lechaion is the ancient port of Corinth and it is situated at the north of the city, facing the Corinthian Gulf; the Lechaion road led to this port. There are steps at the end (see the last photo) and above these were the Propylaia (monumental gateway), of which now only the foundation remains. At the top of the mouintain in the background, Akrokorinthos (ancient fortress of Corinth) can be recognised. In the photo below is the Lechaion road shot from the west.

Lechaion raod

The street, 12 metre-wide, was paved with marbles, and on the both side there were pedestrian ways and colonnades. Constructed at around the end of the first century.

Below is the Propylaia in front of the Lechaion road. This monument was originally constructed in the Augustan era, and restored in AD 117. The ancient travel-writer Pausanias records that the monument was decorated with two statues of gilt chariots, one mounted by Helios and the other by Phaithon, his son.

Propylaia of the Lechaion Road, Corinth


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