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Ancient Nemea, Corinthia
Temple of Zeus in Nemea
The name of Nemea is well know because of the Nemean Lion killed by Hercles and the ancient pan Hellenic games celebrated here (Nemean Games).

In the photo above is the Temple of Zeus and below is the model of Ancient Nemea exhibited in the Museum. There is also a Stadium in the vicinity.

Model of Ancient Nemea

Archaeological Site of Nemea
The ancient Nemea was not city-state, but a cult center like Olympia. There are two versions of the origin of Nemean Games. According to one legent, it was started by Hercles in honour of Zeus, when he succeeded in killing the Lion of Nemea. According to the other, Adratos the king of Argos started the games to commemorate his baby son Opheltes died from a snake bite.


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