Knights' Castle in Antimachia, Kos
North side of the Castle of Antimachia
The castle of Antimachia, situated at the middle of the island, was constructed by the Order of St. John. The construction in this place started in 14th century, but the true fortifucation was started in 1490s, as the same time as the castle in Kos town.

This is the gate; there is only entrance on the north side which is protected by double gates.
Inside gate.
This is the second of the double gates.
coat of arms
The coat of arms above the gate; the 1494 is recognisable.

Inside the Fortification
This is the view of the spece inside the fortification. There is almost nothing left except two churches. In the past, there used to be house buidlings, but now we see only the foundations at the best.

Ancient Inscription
This is an ancient inscription reused as building material of the castle. It is not easy to see in this photo, but at the bottom part of the face there are a few lines of Greek inscription.

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