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Mithymna (Molyvos), Lesvos
Narrow Street of Molyvos
Mithymna is the touristic centre of northern Lesvos. It is standing at the same site as the ancient Mithymna. In intervening time, it assumed the name Molyvos, but recently it regained the ancient name.

In Mithymna old buildings and traditional townscape are well preserved. In the photo left is a narrow street going up toward the castle.

Turkish Fountain

We found a fountain of Ottoman era near the church of Archangel (Taxarchis).

Before the population exchange in 1923, Mithymna was a home to many muslim inhabitants. A local women we met at the church told us Mithymna used to have as many mosques as churches.

Ancient Ruin in Mithymna
An ancient site we saw on the western side of Mithymna; there wasn't any sign board and we don't know what it is, but, seeing many sarcophagi, it should be a space outside the city wall used as cemetery.

Mithymna has been inhabited since Bronze age and is one of the oldest towns in Lesvos. Archaeological finds are housed in Old Town Hall.

Molyvos Beach
Mithymna beach is black-ish pebble beach and very narrow. The water is cold as are other northern Lesvos beaches.

We stopped at Olive Press Hotel and Restaurant and went to the sea having coffee there.

Argyris Eftaliotis, modern Greek short-story writer of the 19th century, is from a nearby town of Eftalou, which is famouns for its spa.


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