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Mycenae: Palace
Mycenaean Palace
Palace of Mycenae The Palace of Mycenae is situated on the highest part of the citadel commanding the city and the roads leading up to it. The presence of this building suggests that Mycenae was ruled by a single and powerful ruler or family.

The mountain in background is Mt. Sara.

The building is almost completely in ruin and all we can see now is the foundation and the floor. Most of it is cordoned off and it is not allowed to go further than the point where I took this photo. If you see this without a guidebook in hand, it is difficult to understand which is which. The model in this photo is in the Museum.

Palace of Mycenae
The archaeologists think the building had two floors.

The first palace was destroyed by an earthquake or a fire. It was subsequently rebuilt and refurbished more than once. For this reason, it is difficult to say when exactly this palace was built, but the one we see now seems to have taken shape in the 14th century BC.

Mycenaean Palace
The room of which the center is covered with a white sheet is the domos, center of the palace. Under the white sheet is the hearth. Above the hearth there was a opening in the ceiling through which the smoke went out and light came in.


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