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Avgonyma Bar, Chion Juice
  In the photo above is the cafe at the centre of the village; they offer also food and sell some local products (mainly foods).

  In the photo left is local sweet drink, called Chión, recommended to us by the guy working in the cafe. The left has lemon flavour, and right cherry; slightly bubbly and fairly sweet, very good when it is hot and you are thirsty.
To Archontiko

  After a short stroll of the village, it was lunch time, so we decided to eat at a taverna at the entrance to the village. In the photo right is the signage of the taverna TO ARCHONTIKO.

  In Anávatos, there is only one caffeeshop (no decent food), If you go there around the lunch time, I recommend you to eat at Avgónyma.


  In the photo left is the oven in front of the taverna. It might a bit difficult to see, but the large metal thing is the oven, and the black object at the centre is the roasted meat. You shall not fail to notice the small, if you pass near.
  Naturally we ate gyros. It was pork with a lot of herbs. It tasted as it look like.


  Sorry to show you something half eaten, but the dish in the photo right is cheese saganaki (it seemed to be shallow fried). The cheese was local "mastello"; not salty, and similar to halloumi, but larger. If you visit Chios, try this cheese.
  We took also salad, bread and water; total more or less 18 euros.


Avgónyma is famous for its honey. We saw often bee boxes like this, but I did not understand how they use these.

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