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Mavros Gialos

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mavros yialos Emporió (pronouced "Eborió, as in modern Greek, "mp" is pronounced "b") is a small village situated on the southern coast of Chios. Many tourists visit here for the Mavros Yialos beach (Black Beach) filled with black volcanic pebbles (the photo above).
In the photo right is the view of the beach. As we arrived in late afternoon, and the view is a bit dark.

You can arrive at Mávros Yiálos in less than 10 min. walk from Emporió. Between these two places you can find a rest of paleochristian church (photos below).

Paleochristian church

It must be constructed in the fourth or fifth century. I would guess it was a small but sumptious building with some parts of the floor covered with mosaics (the green prastic cover you see in the photo is usually used to protect the mosaics). The building at the upper left angle in the photo is the baptistery.

Paleochristian church in Emporio
These are the steps to the higher ground. We can see that there used to be doors from the traces on stone.

Baptismal fountain in Eborio This is the baptismal fountain inside the building indicated above.

There is a good-size fountain with cross plan.

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