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Church of Taxiarches

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Taxiarches Church

The Church of Taxiarches (Archangels) is situated at the heart of the village; it was constructed in 1868 and it is the largest in Chios. I could not take photograph of the whole church, as there was not enough space around.

Originally this place was occupied by a large round tower (pyrgos) which was demolished to make space for the church.

Above, right and below are the narthex and the decorated pavement in front. Such mosaic pavement with black and white pebbles is often seen in the Eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese. Here is another example in the Néa Moní.
Narthex of Taxiarches

Here is the narthex; azure and white of the ceiling and wall, grey and coral of the floor, coarse grey stones used as window and door frames make a beautiful combination.

This is the interior of the church.
interior of Taxiarches
Inside the Taxiarches

Tower in front of the church. There is a bell inside, but the bell and clock tower of the church must be the other tower can be seen at the left.

A relief representing an Archangel, donated in 2000.
Phone booth
This is a phone booth in front of the church.

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