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Iconostase of Old Taxiarch Church

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This church was constructed in 1412 and it was the village's main church until the construction of the Taxiarches Church (see the previous page) in 1868.

Above and below is the iconostase (ikonostasis: screen that divides the altar and the rest of the space).It is said to be curved out of one big tree, and that the monk who made it lost his sight after spending tens of years to finish it.

Old Taxiarch Fresco painting of the Old Taxiarch Church

This is part of the fresco painting inside. It is badly damaged. It was painted in 1503, but it was covered with plaster and has been hidden until recently.

North-East gateway with iron gate

This is one of the six gateways of Mestá. Only this North-East gate has the original iron gate. The photo left was shot from inside and the one below from outside the village.
North-East gateway with iron gate

One of the defensive towers at the corner.

As well as in Pyrgí and in Olympoí there was a big tower at the centre of the village, but in Mesta, it was demolished to construct the new church of Taxiarches.
Door with the key

In this village I saw the villagers sometimes leave the key of their house on the door.
This means that there is someone at home, and the neighbours and the friends are welcome to come in.


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