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Street of Mesta and Onions

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Narrow Street of Mesta
Mestá, together with Pyrgí, is the most visited and famous of the Mastic villages, but this is the best preserved.

The origin of the village dates back to the Byzantine era, and later the Genuans fortified it better.

The narrow, winding and often arched streets (above and right) are caracteristic of this village.

Entrance to Mestá
Even today, Mestá is closed with the walls of the houses and its access is limited to six gates (one of them on the third page). In the photo left, the cream-coloured plate on the wall indicates the direction of the entrance.

wall painting

This is the wall painting that we found having just entred the village.
Street of Mesta

Again, this is one of the narrow street; the wall to the right has a characteristic decoration with arches.

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